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Marriage and Divorce: Monday Meditation

Friends, Sunday I preached a difficult but hopefully also encouraging message on what the Bible teaches about marriage and divorce. Someone pointed out to me that...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Brett Page:

I just saw the Kostenbergers (author of the book Phil mentioned) came out with another book, this time by both Andreas, theology professor, and his wife Margaret, a professor of women’s studies.  They talk about it here:

Rick I also heard the sermon from the single viewpoint.   Your point about weekly devotions made me realize I should start having good habits now, before marriage, of gratitude and remembering what I have been given responsibility over.

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Jeremy Casella

Mercy Hill will be receiving new members on November 9.  You won’t want to miss this Gathering.  Also we have the privilege of having Jeremy Casella visit and...
Posted by Scott Leary in Mercy Hill Church
Sunday November 09 10:00 am – 12:15 pm (EST)
0 people are coming
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Parable of the Shrewd Manager: Monday Meditation

Hey everyone, From time to time I post a recap of Sunday’s sermon on a Monday. This past Sunday’s message was entitled, “Sons of Light.” My theme was this:...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Great first meeting; reminder for date night

Dear Friends,  We had a great first meeting and eight couples attended. We have between 3-5 other couples who may be interested in joining us next week, so I hope...
Posted by Phil Henry in The Art of Marriage Fall 2014
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Looking forward to Anniversary Sunday: a few notes...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: I’m looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with our congregation and hopefully some friends and “fans” of Mercy Hill...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Phil Henry:


I thought Sunday was terrific. It was great to see so many come out and celebrate with us; and the whole afternoon was fun. In my message, I shared a short history of Mercy Hill, which I’ll reproduce here:

I was called by the New Jersey Presbytery in September of 2008 to begin a new church ministry in Gloucester County.

The problem was that, at the time, I lived in southern Arizona, had never lived in New Jersey, we had money, no mother church, and I had never planted a church before.

The good news was that we did have a couple of praying families and the blessing of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Covenant Presbyterian in Cherry Hill, and a big vision: to saturate Gloucester County with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We set out to raise more than $300,000 in pledges and gifts toward this work, which by God’s grace was accomplished, and which was the “sign” we prayed for in order to put our house in Tucson on the market and move to New Jersey.

Now, four years later, we are praising God for His blessing.

To read the rest, follow this link to our blog, where I posted the whole thing.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and especially to those who brought guests.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Pastor Phil Henry

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Sermon Digital Audio Now Available

Hey Mercy Hill Family, I would like to bring to your attention a renewed effort to keep up to date with our Weekly Gathering .  The Sermons, in digital audio are...
Posted by Scott Leary in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Scott Leary:

how does it sound marc you check it out?  I found brents doesn’t quite work on mobile format.  changed it this week and heard it sounds good.  however on MacBooks maybe not so much.  open to hear how its been working for folks.

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New Music On Sunday

Hi everyone, we are going to be doing two new-ish songs this Sunday. You may already know them. The first is “All I Have Is Christ.” You can listen to a recording...
Posted by Adam Moore in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Marc Savage:

Thanks for sharing this, bro! Looking forward to hearing and singing w/ you all on Sunday.

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Pray for Daniel Chun

Dear Family, A friend of Mercy Hill, Daniel Chun, and a young man who is planting a new PCA church in Cherry Hill, Sojourn Church, needs...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Marc Savage:

I heard this unfortunate news from Daniel just a bit earlier today. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Footnotes and Endnotes from Today's Service

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I wanted to share some footnotes and endnotes (so to speak) from today’s sermon and worship service. Essay on the seventh commandment. I...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Volunteer ESL Instructor(s)

To see the full posting: As many of you know, I work at a non-profit called PathStone, in Vineland, working with Adult...
Posted by Elena (or Ellie) Peeples in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Rick Pino:

I’ll be praying for you, Elena.


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Preaching in July: Ecclesiastes by Stephen Lewis

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In July I have asked my good friend Stephen Lewis to preach for three or four Sundays on the book of Ecclesiastes. Stephen and I know each...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Thoughts for Reflection from Sunday's Message: Repentance is the most important thing

Brothers and sisters, Sunday I preached from Luke 12:56-13:5, on the subject of repentance. Below are a few thoughts which I’d commend for your further study and...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Post Sermon Recap from Sunday June 8

Hey family, I preached part 2 of my sermon from Luke 12:49-56, “Why Have I Come?” this past Sunday. Two Sundays ago I addressed what I think is the prophetic...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Set List for Sunday, 5/25

Fam, Here’s the set list for Sunday, 5/25, in order: 1. Hear Our Prayer (The Litany Song) [] 2. O...
Posted by Marc Savage in Worship and Creative Arts
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Acts 29 Regional Event: "Founded on the Word, Driven By the Spirit"

Fellas, Here’s an announcement re: the Regional A29 conference coming up. If you’d like to go, let’s get us all registered as soon as possible.  Click HERE for...
Posted by Marc Savage in Leadership College
Comment from Brett Page:

I am seriously considering skipping class.. Ill see what I can do.

Actually, I’d gone to Jacob’s Well for a month or two but thought it was too far (35 min away). So I came to Mercy Hill (50 min away).

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