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Day of Service

Mercy Hill Family, It is once again time for our annual Day of Service!  Our service project at Parke Place, the 55 and over community directly across the street,...
Posted by Will Bausch in Mercy Hill Church
Sunday May 31 12:15 pm – 3:00 pm (EDT)
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Goliathon - October 3rd

The spring Goliathon is over, which means it’s time to start talking about the fall Goliathon!  Steve and I had a blast completing the course and I know several...
Posted by Dana Kostas in Mercy Hill Church
Saturday October 03 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (EDT)
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Ladies' Fall Retreat

We are so excited to have Barbara Duguid be our speaker for a Ladies’ Retreat this Fall. There will be more information coming, but for now here is her bio. Barb...
Posted by Shelly Leary in Mercy Hill Church
September 25 - September 26 6:00 pm – 3:00 pm (EDT)
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Prayer for new mom & baby

Hi all,   My uncle and his wife just had a baby about a week ago.  He has two grown sons, 29 and 27 and this is her first.  After...
Posted by Kellie Frost in Learning the City
Comment from Kellie Frost:

Just a quick update….My uncles wife went back into the hospital again today for a spinal procedure because she was having terrible headaches.  They ended up flying her to Jefferson and she’s getting some more tests done.  A few hours ago she was going to have an MRI as they are trying to rule out many many things.  She’s currently in the neurologic intensive care unit and the baby is spending the night at my aunts.  Thankfully my aunt has 3 little girls that were beyond excited to spend some time with the little one and my grandmom also lives with her, so I think she was excited to spend some unexpected time with her new granddaughter, though the situation isn’t ideal.  

Continue to keep them all in your prayers!


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A Mind for God

Derek Dalrymple is continuing the process of examination this weekend by the NJ Presbytery. Part of that process was preaching.  He shared a great message this past...
Posted by Scott Leary in Mercy Hill Church
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Monday Meditation: Discovering Jesus on the Road

Friends, The walk to Emmaus with two disciples and a Stranger, whom they discovered only later to be Jesus, is a remarkable story and unique in the whole New Testament...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Needed: Scripture Readers for Good Friday

Friends,  For Good Friday, we need people from our congregation to volunteer to read one of our Scripture portions from Luke 23. Please indicate your availability...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Josh Everett:

Sorry for the delayed response on this. I will be reading the passage as requested.

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Thursday Thoughts: 3/19/2015

Dear Church family, Each week I try to check in with you and share a variety of thoughts. These thoughts range from the personal to the pastoral; I hope some of what...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Josh Everett:

Phil, Maggie and I are plugging through McCheyne’s plan as well. By God’s grace, we’re both up to date! This is my first time using his plan and I’m loving it. I like getting a few different sections of Scripture in at a time, definitely helps make connections and see things I don’t think I’d otherwise catch. 

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Tips and Reminders and Counsel for Men who Preach

Brothers, I did some research recently on preaching because a) I do it a lot and b) I want to get better at what I spend a lot of time doing. Yet, I never want to...
Posted by Phil Henry in Ministry of the Word
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Monday Meditation: Satan Entered into Judas (Luke 21:1-6)

Brothers and Sisters, Sunday I preached an unusual text for many of us, namely, the circumstances surrounding Judas succumbing to Satan’s influence. Here are a...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Welcome to the "Gospel Centered Community" study

The Schaeffer Missional Community is hosting a nine lesson study based on the workbook, Gospel Centered Community by Robert H. Thune and Will Walker. You can read...
Posted by Phil Henry in Gospel Centered Community Group
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Monday Meditation: Christ the Center of Time (Luke 21:6-38)

Dear Church Family, Sunday’s message was on a challenging topic, namely, the destruction of Jerusalem and the coming of Christ at the end of the world, from a very...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Happenings Around the Hill

Check out all the fun stuff happening around Mercy Hill! Hot Off the Presses… Church Maintenance Day On Saturday, March 7th from 9:00am-12:00pm we will be working...
Posted by Shelly Leary in Mercy Hill Church
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Today's Weather: Church at 10:00am.

Good morning church family, I drove over and back to the church house earlier this morning and found the primary roads to be in good condition so we won’t be canceling...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Phil Henry:

We missed you Carol. Attached, you’ll find the sermon manuscript. I don’t know if the sermon was recorded by audio or not. Either way, I hope what I have written here will be of some help to you and others who couldn’t make it.

Soli deo gloria.

With love,

Pastor Phil Henry

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2015 Weekly Update 02-10

Beginning today, we are going to start posting weekly updates of the happenings of Mercy Hill. There are many exciting new things going on within the Mercy Hill family...
Posted by Shelly Leary in Mercy Hill Church
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