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Prayers for a friend...

Hi all,  Prayers would be greatly appreciated for a lady who is very active in our old church, where my parents still attend.  Last...
Posted by Kellie Frost in Mercy Hill Moms
Comment from Kellie Frost:

Hi all,

I was unable to post this on the city, which was why I posted it in here, but unfortunately, Kim passed away on Saturday morning. She had liver, lung, bone, and kidney cancer and all her organs shut down very quickly.  From the time she was diagnosed to the time she passed was less then a week.  Please keep her husband and son in your prayers….this is certainly very difficult for them to process!

I wanted to share this post her son posted on his Facebook page…

Wall of text coming. But I need to say this.

At just before 9 o’clock this morning, my mother Kim Kier Bakely passed away at Inspira Health Network (f.k.a. Underwood-Memorial Hospital) in Woodbury. She was only 53. My mom was a great and selfless woman who always put others before herself — if you look at her FB profile picture, you’ll see she chose to memorialize her own father, who died many years ago.

She had been admitted to the hospital only a week ago, at the advice of my dad, grandmother, and uncle, after a handful of otherwise relatively innocuous medical conditions she had suffered from for a brief period prior refused to subsist. A couple of days later, we received the diagnosis, that all of her maladies were related to cancer. It was very unexpected. One of her symptoms was a persistent and worsening cough, previously diagnosed as asthma. As a result, she was placed in the ICU with a ventilator. Because the ventilator’s tubes go directly down one’s throat, the patient is sedated so they are not uncomfortable. So while my mom couldn’t move very well or speak at all, she still maintained some degree of consciousness and could very likely still hear us.

Cut to yesterday evening. We found out from the doctor that her oxygen levels and blood pressure were decreasing. The origin of her cancer had been found, and it was the kind that can’t be treated for someone in her state. My family (myself included) and the pastor of our church gathered at the hospital around 9PM, and we remained there for the rest of the night. She died at around 8:55 this morning, June 20. We were all together, at her bedside. 

I am confident that she was comfortable, and she felt no pain. The medicine did its job, and that’s all I can ask. But of course, I still miss her. All of this happened very quickly, and I don’t know what the future holds. But what I do know is that I value deeply the time I spent with my mom while she was still with us.

So hug your parents. Tell them how much they mean to you. I never felt like I did it enough, and now with one of them gone, I regret it.

I love you, Mom. Rest in peace.

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Prayer for new mom & baby

Hi all,   My uncle and his wife just had a baby about a week ago.  He has two grown sons, 29 and 27 and this is her first.  After...
Posted by Kellie Frost in Learning the City
Comment from Kellie Frost:

Just a quick update….My uncles wife went back into the hospital again today for a spinal procedure because she was having terrible headaches.  They ended up flying her to Jefferson and she’s getting some more tests done.  A few hours ago she was going to have an MRI as they are trying to rule out many many things.  She’s currently in the neurologic intensive care unit and the baby is spending the night at my aunts.  Thankfully my aunt has 3 little girls that were beyond excited to spend some time with the little one and my grandmom also lives with her, so I think she was excited to spend some unexpected time with her new granddaughter, though the situation isn’t ideal.  

Continue to keep them all in your prayers!


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Pray for Daniel Chun

Dear Family, A friend of Mercy Hill, Daniel Chun, and a young man who is planting a new PCA church in Cherry Hill, Sojourn Church, needs...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Marc Savage:

I heard this unfortunate news from Daniel just a bit earlier today. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Prayer and Fasting

Please join me and my family as we seek Gods will for our church in the next chapter of our life as a community. On April 9 we will...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Praying this Month for Mercy Hill, part 1

We’re learning about the Lord’s Prayer each Sunday during our weekly worship gatherings. This is a famous prayer composed by Jesus...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Martyred for the Gospel

Muslim extremists shot dead Rahid Emmanuel and Sajjid Emmanuel in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people in district courts compound...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Please Prayerfully Ask: "Are We Ready?"

We are in a season of “incubation” as a church plant. We’ve finished our preview season and are preparing to enter our “launch”...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Phil Henry:

Please keep praying for the readiness indicators I’ve described in my original post. I wrote a note today about the leadership training that’s happening on Friday mornings; you can check it out here.

Also, please let me know in this space any updates to my prayer requests—has God answered the prayer in some way that you’re aware of? 

Thank you for praying!

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Travelling to GA

General Assembly (GA) is the Presbyterian Church’s annual meeting. Phil and Caleb will be travelling to GA this week from Tuesday...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
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Please Pray for Santo

Fellow church planter, Santo Garofalo, in Atlantic City, will host his church’s third preview service this Sunday. Please pray for...
Posted by Phil Henry in Mercy Hill Church
Comment from Mike Schuelke (FB):

Fairfield PCA members and friends on FB—we are moving the location of this Sunday’s evening service to the chinese alliance church building right behind the WAWA that’s on Dorset Ave in Ventnor Heights. The address is 300 N. Dudley Ave. We will leave our parking lot by 5 PM. let me know via FB if you are gonna come with us. Thanks, Pastor Mike

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