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Hot Off the Presses…

Ladies Bible Study

Our Ladies Bible Study group will meet again on Wednesday, May 9th to continue our study in the book of Matthew at 7:30 pm.  Hope to see you there!

New Member Sunday

During our service on May 20 we will be welcoming new in-covenant members.  If you are able, please stay after the service for a light lunch and a time of fellowship with our new members.

What we already told you about…

Men’s Prayer Meeting

The next Men’s Prayer Meeting and Bible Study will take place next Saturday, May 12th at the church house.  The Prayer Meeting will start at 8 am and the Bible Study at 9 am. Event details will be posted on The City.  See Tim Pacek with any questions

Family Day of Service

On Sunday, May 20, from 12:30-2:30 Mercy Hill will be participating in the Family Day of Service once again. We will be starting our service a little later than originally announced to allow time of welcoming and fellowship after our new member service that morning. This year, Mercy Hill will be participating in trash clean up in our local community. All are welcome to join, but we ask for volunteers to sign their name and shirt size so we know how many volunteers will be participating and if shirts are available this year, how many we will need. If you have any questions please see James or Valorie Hoffman.

Pastor Mario’s Good Bye/Thank you Service

Please mark your calendars to come  on June 3rd, to have a gathering to show pastor Mario and Giovanna Freitas’ appreciation  for their fruitful work in our congregation, after the service.

Confession of Faith…

“And Lead Us Not Into Temptation” – part 3 – Addictions – by Pastor Mario Freitas

1. Defining Addiction

“Two biblical categories can help us understand what is going on in someone’s life when they are in the grip of an addiction:

First, addicts are idolaters. Addiction is fundamentally about worship. The Bible tells us that whatever people flee to for solace, comfort, and hope, that thing is functionally playing the role of God in their lives. An addict is someone who is looking to something destructive, something other than the one, true God to take away the boredom, pain, loneliness, or anxiety of life. The joy of addicts when in the presence of the thing they crave—whether that thing is gambling or alcohol or narcotics or pornography—has all the hallmarks of worship.

Second, addicts are slaves. This is perhaps what we most think of when we think of addiction. The difference between someone who merely indulges in a vice and someone we would consider an addict is that the latter is unable to stop himself, even when he thinks that he wants to. The addicted person is enslaved by a master that seemingly must be obeyed whenever it beckons.

Those two categories represent a very different way of understanding addiction from that commonly held in the wider world. In most of the medical and psychiatric communities, it is taken as gospel truth that addicts are suffering from a disease and thus are less than fully responsible for their behaviors. But while there is often a very real physical component to addiction, a Christian understanding of sin requires us to insist that God holds addicts responsible for their behaviors and choices.” (Mike McKinley on Ministering to Addicts –

2. The hope we have

- Addiction needs to be seen as sin more than as a pathology. So the Gospel message is enough and able to change that.

- All of us tend to be idolaters and slaves to sin. We should not look down on addicts, because we are no better than them. Apart from Christ, that’s what we all are.

- None of us have what it takes to be delivered from an addiction, so a miracle is needed. Addicts need to have the love of their hearts reordered by the grace of God.

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