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Hot Off the Presses…

Pastor Mario’s call to Mercy Hill update

It is with sadness that the staff of Mercy Hill would like to  announce Pastor Mario Freitas’ call with Mercy Hill will be coming to an end this summer. His work with MORE International has developed more quickly than expected, largely due to the surprising providence of God. For this we are thankful and wish to praise God, even though it will be a loss for our congregation. Mario and his family will be moving, as a family, to the new US Headquarters in Snow Camp, North Carolina the week of Sunday June 3, 2018. Pastor Mario will continue in his official capacity as assistant pastor of our congregation through the summer, and will be back and forth to some degree in July and August. His last official Sunday as assistant pastor will be our anniversary Sunday, the third Sunday in September, 2018.

Search for a new Assistant Pastor

Over the next several months, the session of Mercy Hill will start the search for a new assistant pastor.  Please keep them in your prayers.

What we already told you about…

Youth Bible Study

Sixth through Twelfth grade are invited to join our youth group’s monthly bible study on Sunday April 8th. Bible study meets following the morning service. Lunch is served.  Please RSVP on The City and parents please consider helping provide lunch.

Men’s Breakfast

There will be a Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, April 14th from 9:00-10:30 am.  Friends and neighbors are welcome as well!  Please RSVP to the event on The City. See Tim Pacek with any questions.

Pastoral Visitation

This year, Pastor Phil Henry will be visiting the members and regular attenders of the congregation in their homes for a spiritual conversation, encouragement in the Lord, and for prayer. Please make an effort to meet with him when he or Eileen Hernandez calls to schedule a visit. If you have any questions about pastoral visitations, please see Pastor Phil or one of the elders.

Looking ahead…

Family Day of Service

On Sunday, May 20, from 12-2 Mercy Hill will be participating in the Family Day of Service once again. This year, Mercy Hill will be participating in trash clean up in our local community. All are welcome to join, but we ask for volunteers to sign their name and shirt size at the sign up in the church house counter, so we know how many volunteers will be participating and if shirts are available this year, how many we will need. If you have any questions please see James or Valorie Hoffman.

Pastor Mario’s Good Bye/Thank you Gathering

Please mark your calendars to come  on June 3rd, to have a gathering to show pastor Mario and Giovanna Freitas’ appreciation  for their fruitful work in our congregation, after the service.

Church House update…

The New Tenants Next Door

A new door was installed in the north side of the building partition leading to the warehouse door.  A new fire alarm was also installed, and pastor Phil’s office books were moved to the office side.  

Confession of Faith…


Easter Sunday Devotion  

Ligonier Ministries the teaching fellowship of R.C. Sproul – Devotional/The Common Act of Resurrection ( Copyright [2018 Ligonier Ministries]

  The Common Act of Resurrection

“Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen; he is not here. See the place where they laid him. But go, tell his disciples and Peter that he is going before you to Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you” (vv. 6–7).

- Mark 16:5–7

Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Salome came to Jesus’ tomb early on the first day of the week after Jesus died, expecting to find only His body (Mark 16:1–4). However, they found the tomb empty except for another “young man” who was “dressed in a white robe” (v. 5). In the extrabiblical Jewish literature of the time, “young man” often referred to a heavenly being, and that was clearly what the women encountered, for the other gospels refer to the young man as an angel. In fact, comparing all four resurrection accounts shows us that more than one angel was present at the tomb. Yet we do not have a contradiction, for Mark never says only one angel was present. Instead, Mark mentions just one angel for his own literary and theological purposes.

The young man, or angel, in the tomb had an incredible message: Jesus had risen from the dead! Just as He said, death could not hold Him (8:31). But it is important to note that the Greek text of Mark 16:6 says more literally that “He was raised.” It is the passive voice, indicating that Jesus was the object of an action. God raised Jesus from the dead. In His humanity, our Lord did not bring Himself back to life; rather, it was the work of deity to rescue Christ from the dead.

Since Jesus’ resurrection was a work of deity, the Son, in His divine nature, also effected His resurrection. God raised Jesus from the dead, but it was not the work of just one person in the Godhead. Instead, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit together raised Jesus to new life after the crucifixion. According to Galatians 1:1, God the Father raised Christ from the dead. In John 10:17–18, the Son of God tells us that He has authority to lay down His life and take it up again. Paul explains in Romans 8:11 that the Spirit of God resurrected our Savior.

This common act by the three divine persons illustrates the Trinitarian principle that in all of God’s works outside Himself (ad extra), Father, Son, and Spirit act as one. We cannot say that one person acts apart from the others; rather, because all three share the same divine nature and power, whatever that power effects is effected by all of them. This does not mean there are no distinctions to be noted in their common acts. In the resurrection, for example, the Father is the subject of the action, the Son is both subject and object (because it is Christ, as the incarnate God-man, who is restored to life), and the Spirit is both subject and indwelling agent of Christ through whom the Father and Son vivify the Son’s flesh.

Coram Deo

Because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all have the same essence, they must work in common toward creation. One person of the Trinity is not more powerful than another, nor is any divine work the exclusive act of just one person. Thus, all three persons are equally worthy of our worship, and we will spend eternity glorying in and worshiping the Holy Trinity.

Passages for Further Study

Genesis 1:1–2

Luke 24:3–7

John 5:17

2 Corinthians 13:14

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